"Change is a universal experience. My commitment to my clients is to ease the stresses associated with these inevitable life changes. Together, we specifically address changes that include “right sizing” and organizing your home, life planning and review, and exploring the tools for recovery from loss. I honor that compassion and respect are essential during these transitional times. I hope you will explore my website and find my services to be just what you need as you move through these life changes."

Delana Schneider

Organizational Services

I believe that our “stuff” is more than an accumulation of things. It has history and memories attached. It is the story of our lives. We find comfort in being surrounded by that history. When we work with clients to “right-size”, move or organize we do not judge, we listen and support. Gently, together we bring order out of chaos to create a space that feels lighter and manageable for the client.

Certified Senior Advising

Life Planning seems obvious. We plan so much in our lives, yet when it comes to “end of life planning” we shy away. When I “advise” my clients, staying at home is always the first choice we consider. In my role as a Certified Senior Advisor, safety and planning are at the top of the list.

Grief Recovery

My work as a Grief Recovery Specialist®, brings comfort and healing by providing tools for each client to discover the truth in their relationship to loss. These tools change the habits, the conditioning, and the mis-information we traditionally learn about grief and loss.